CUPS Command Reference

Show Printing System Status

lpstat -t

Show Queue Status

lpq -Plaser101

Create a PostScript Laser Printer Queue

lpadmin -p office-printer-1 -v lpd://office-printer-1/lp -m postscript.ppd.gz -E

Create a JetDirect Socket Queue

lpadmin -p office-printer-1-v socket://office-printer-1:9100 -m postscript.ppd.gz -E

Remove a Printer Queue

lpadmin -x office-printer-1

Set Default Printer Queue

lpadmin -d office-printer-1

Pause / Unpause a Printer Queue

cupsdisable office-printer-1       // disables printer
cupsenable office-printer-1        // unpause printer
reject office-printer-1            // no new jobs accepted
accept office-printer-1            // if lpstat says that no jobs are being accepted

Cancel Print Jobs

cancel 33                          // Job number 33 canceled
cancel -a office-printer-1         // All jobs for office-printer-1 are canceled
lpmove 33 office-printer-2         // Job 33 moved to office-printer-2

Redirect Printing

lpadmin -p office-printer-1 -v lpd://office-printer-2/lp