Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

To me, this picture represents everything a good team is not.

Notice how no one is rowing? This team is making no forward progress. When we're not working together, teams will sink just like this boat. And when it does, everyone goes down with it.

Be a thumb pointer. Your boat will thank you.

Don't Hate PHP

I think the reason why people hate PHP is because its very versatile. You can write code any which way you want and it will work every time at least part of the time. Or, maybe we just think everyone else's code is just crap.

QA Engineers

QA Engineers are special people. They don't think how normal people think, let alone programmers.

The Automatic Transmission

There are some pretty amazing inventions that have shaped our daily lives. One such invention is the automatic transmission. We've all got them in our cars, but just how do they work? I found myself asking this the other day so I went on a hunt to find some videos.

This first video describes the theory from an introductory level and shows some great animations.

This next video dissects a real transmission. A real engineer demonstrates how it works with great detail.