Music As Code

One of the greatest songs ever, written as code. Can you guess the song?


Wintergatan Marble Machine

Photo: Samuel Westergren

This is a video of a musical instrument built by Swedish musician Martin Molin. It uses 2000 marbles.

How It Works: Part 1

How It Works: Part 2

Drumline - Basic Warm Ups

These are great for Snare, Tenor, or Bass. I obtained these when I played snare on the 2001-2004 Western Michigan University Drumline.

The patterns are very basic as they are meant to be a framework upon which you would build more complexity. For example, create your own split bass patterns or move things around on the tenors.

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Drumline - 5-7-10

This is an example of how you can take the basic warm-ups from this post and have some fun. The top lines are verbatim from the warm-ups, but the bottom “split” part is where the real beef is. This sounds much cooler in person and was my favorite at Western.

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Drumline - Paradizzle

The paradiddle was my first favorite rudiment and is still up near the top, just below cheesy-poofs. I wrote this piece for full drumline to serve as an exercise. The bass and tenor parts may be a bit tough at high speed, but who doesn’t love a challenge? Just be glad there’s no diddles or flams.

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Drumline - Easy-CheeZ

This is a piece I wrote based on the well known “Cheezy-Poofs” played by the Santa Clara Vanguard Drumline. I called it something different because its not quite as cheesy.

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