How Fair Thou Art

Melina, my princess, how fair thou art! 
Treacherous mountains thou hast pushed aside; 
Stripped the black paint from my cold, unused heart, 
Thine heart intertwined with mine I’ll survive

Sweet light! Never hath mine eyes before seen, 
Oh to dream! Thy love doth do permit me; 
Thy sweet name in my dreams I doth do scream, 
True love, my fantasy; I have found thee;

If I lose thy love, I will surely die, 
For thou art my only passion, my life, 
All day and all night, for you mine heart does cry, 
Oh I love thee for all thy color and light,

For to love thee and hold thee everyday, 
Share with thee life; there’s no price I’ll not pay

I Think of You

Roses are red 
Violets are blue 
During everything I do 
I think of you

I think of your smile 
And your sweet warming touch 
I think of the reasons 
I love you so much

The way you make me feel 
So deep inside my soul 
Is far beyond words 
It’s worth more than gold

And there’s nothing in the world 
So pure and sweet 
As the love we share 
Every time we meet

You Complete Me

I wrote you this poem 
Just to let you know 
That you’re the coolest person 
I ever did know

You’re so sweet as candy 
As beautiful as a rose 
For you I’d do anything 
I’d even wear pantyhose

You make me feel amazing 
Like I can fly like a bird 
And when I say “I love you” 
I mean every word

You make me so happy 
You’re the only one for me 
I’ll love you forever 
Cause sweetie…

… you complete me!

Oh How I Need Thee

Melina, my love. Oh how I need thee 
To calm my heart with your heavenly kiss, 
You set me free when you believe in me, 
I feel I could fly, your love is sweet bliss;

You give me strength, I need to survive, 
You soothe all my pain, I can breathe again; 
With you by my side I feel so alive, 
And with your touch you calm my inner pain;

Oh cry out my name, declare you need me; 
Say you’ll love me without problems or pride; 
I think I’m dying, only you can save me; 
Don’t leave me alone, I need your love inside;

If I ever lost you, all my life I’d cry, 
And without your love I would surely die

Beauty Is Thy Name

Melina, my love; beauty is thy name: 
To speak it doth fill mine heart with sweet song; 
The savage storms in my mind it doth tame; 
Inscribed on mine heart I can do no wrong;

Its rhyme doth guideth so strong and true, 
Leads the way, parts the sea, from God art thee? 
Paints me happy when mine color is blue: 
Calms me, soothes me, your song doth do sweetly;

Yea though thy gentle call be not chosen 
It doth sculpt thy face oh so virtuously; 
Thy blanket of love, in thy name be woven: 
Oh my love! How sweetly thou doth care for me;

So long as mine heart doth beat and eyes see, 
So long lives mine love and mine song to thee

Without You I Will Surely Die

I love you so much 
I can’t say enough 
I want nothing more 
Than to share with you my love

You give me life 
You fill me with delight 
You make me fly 
Without you I will surely die

So wonderful is your life 
So peaceful like a dove 
So perfect is your kiss 
And your touch, eternal bliss

Please share your life with me 
Please share with me your dreams 
Please don’t leave me alone to cry 
Without you I will surely die

All The Kisses In The World

All the kisses in the world 
Could not begin to say 
Exactly how I love you 
In so many ways